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Hofstra Law Class of 2016 Shows Deep Commitment to Pro Bono Work

An infographic about the total hours of pro bono service by the Class of 2016

The members of the recently graduated Class of 2016 demonstrated a deep commitment to pro bono work during their three years at Hofstra Law, collectively contributing 59,685 hours of service. This year’s class had the highest average number of hours of service per student, 323 hours, in recent years.

Of the 185 graduates, 46 percent engaged in pro bono work, and nearly all of these 86 students qualified for a Public Service Award, with 18 students serving over 250 hours (bronze award), 8 students over 500 hours (silver) and 58 students over 750 hours (gold).

The five students who contributed the most pro bono hours were Devin Millbower, 1,890 hours; Dana Dohn, 1,796 hours; Jacquelyn Dainow, 1,770 hours; Felicia Winder, 1,750 hours; and C. Nneka Nzweku, 1,666 hours.

Hofstra Law students’ pro bono work consisted of public service, performed under the supervision of a licensed attorney or faculty member, with:

• Nonprofit organizations — including Hofstra Law clinical programs — that provide legal representation to individuals or groups who are underserved, underrepresented or of limited means

• Municipal, state or federal government agencies, legislative bodies or court systems

• Attorneys providing legal services free of charge or at a significantly reduced cost

Hofstra Law student groups that advocate on behalf of clients or provide legal education

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