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Prof. Ronald Colombo Quoted in Law360 Story on US Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Benchmark-Manipulation Settlements With Citi

Ronald J. Colombo, Professor of Law

Faulty Troubleshooting Hurt Citi In CFTC Benchmark Probe
By Jeff Zalesin
May 25, 2016


But after settling with the CFTC, Citibank could be close to also resolving the private Libor claims against it through a settlement, according to Ronald Colombo, a law professor at Hofstra University.

“Now that they’ve settled with the regulators, you’d think they would probably want to settle with the private plaintiffs,” Colombo said. “If they thought their case was really strong, then they might want to litigate both, but the fact that they did settle to the tune of $425 million suggests that they do think there is exposure here.”

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