Faculty Notes

Prof. James Sample Comments in New York Law Journal Story on Lack of Competitiveness in Races for New York Supreme Court Judgeships

James Sample , Professor of Law

Most Supreme Court Candidates Are Already Assured of Election Day Success
By Joel Stashenko
New York Law Journal
Oct. 20, 2016


James Sample, a professor at Hofstra University School of Law and a judicial election expert, said the dominance of the Democratic Party in New York City and the tendency of both Democratic and Republican County leaders outside the city to cross-endorse the same candidates serves to reinforce the control of judicial elections by the major political parties and lessens voter choice on Election Day.

“From the perspective of the party leaders, cross-endorsements are a great idea, because it’s much more valuable to be able to promise somebody a judgeship, as opposed to a nomination in which they still have a competitive election,” Sample said in an interview this week. “If you are looking to extract favors, political or otherwise, being able to effectively promise a 14-year position with a six-figure salary and a whole lot of prestige is a pretty good place to start.”

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