Faculty Notes

Prof. Michael Haber’s Article on Community Economic Development Makes 10 SSRN Top 10 Lists, Featured on Blogs

Michael Haber, Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Attorney-in-Charge, Community and Economic Development Clinic

Professor Michael Haber’s article “CED After #OWS: From Community Economic Development to Anti-Authoritarian Community Counter-Institutions” has made the SSRN Top 10 download lists for:

• AARN: Civil Society & Social Movements
• AARN: Civil Society, Social Movements & Citizenship (Topic)
• AARN: The Legal Profession (Topic)
• Economic Inequality and the Law eJournal
• Housing & Community Development Law eJournal
• Law & Society: Public Law – Poverty eJournal
• Political Anthropology eJournal
• Political Behavior eJournal
• Political Behavior: Race, Ethnicity & Identity Politics eJournal
• PSN: Social Movements (Topic)

The article has also been featured on the blog of CUNY’s Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies and been linked to by the CED blog Grassroots Economic Organizing.

The article describes an activist tradition Professor Haber calls “anti-authoritarian activism” and traces its history, growth, and increasing influence on community organizations, stressing its growing impact on organizations that engage in service provision and Community Economic Development.

The article is forthcoming from the Fordham Urban Law Journal (Vol. 43, No. 2, 2016).

Read the full article on the SSRN website.