Faculty Notes

Prof. Michael Haber Publishes Article on ‘Anti-Authoritarian’ Activism in Fordham Urban Law Journal

Michael Haber, Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Attorney-in-Charge, Community and Economic Development Clinic

Professor Michael Haber has published an article that takes a close look at the Occupy Wall Street movement, “CED After #OWS: From Community Economic Development to Anti-Authoritarian Community Counter-Institutions,” in the Fordham Urban Law Journal (43 Fordham Urb. L.J. 295 [2016]).

The article presents a history and analysis of “anti-authoritarian” activism, examines the extent to which post-Occupy anti-authoritarianism efforts to build new community-based projects can avoid the missteps the CED programs have made, and describes some of the challenges that these new efforts will have to confront.

The article also contributes to legal scholarship on demosprudence, “the study of the dynamic equilibrium of power between lawmaking and social movements.”

Read the full article on the SSRN website.