Prof. Stefan Krieger, Alumnus Reza Rezvani ’01 Present at Applied Legal Storytelling Conference

Stefan Krieger, Richard J. Cardali Distinguished Professor of Trial Advocacy, Director of Center for Applied Legal Reasoning and Director Emeritus of Hofstra Clinical Programs

Professor Stefan Krieger and Hofstra Law alumnus Reza Rezvani ’01 presented the paper Objection Narrative!” — A History of Storyphobia” on July 12 at the Sixth Biennial Conference on Applied Legal Storytelling in Washington, D.C.

In this paper, Professor Krieger and Mr. Rezvani, a trial attorney at Asta & Associates, P.C., examine the development of the rule prohibiting witness storytelling, describe the empirical research comparing wide-open examination of witnesses and discrete questioning, and discuss their own proposed empirical study of the persuasive effect of both forms of examination.