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Prof. Ashira Ostrow Quoted in Long Island Index Report on Accessory Apartments on LI

Official photo of Hofstra Law faculty member Ashira Ostrow, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development

Home Remedies: Accessory Apartments on Long Island: Lessons Learned
By Elizabeth Moore
Long Island Index Report
June 2017

What is a ‘single family,’ anyway?

The state has issued a guidance memo that defines a “family” for zoning purposes as a permanent and stable group that shares the entire house, cooks together and shares expenses. But Hofstra University law professor Ashira Ostrow believes that formula creates some new questions.

“I think we’ve actually identified a pretty interesting and unsettled area of law,” she said. “Within a single dwelling unit, it seems to me that the definition of family has to include a non-traditional family. …What is unclear is how that would apply to a single-family home that has two dwelling units.”

Read the full report (PDF) on the Long Island Index website.