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Newsday Highlights Effort by Hofstra Law Students to Help Dreamers Renew DACA Permits

On Saturday, Sept. 30, thirty students from Hofstra Law’s Clinical Programs conducted a clinic at the Salvadoran consulate in Brentwood, New York, to help immigrants renew their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals permits. The deadline for applying for renewal is Sept. 5 for DACA recipients whose permits expire between Sept. 5 and March 5, 2018.

A Newsday reporter covered the event and spoke with the student coordinators of the clinic, Estrella Cedillo 3L and Arlette Herrera 3L (both of whom are U.S.-born daughters of immigrants from Latin America), as well as Professor Lauris Wren, attorney-in-charge of the Asylum Clinic and the Immigration Clinic at Hofstra Law.

Besides the Asylum and Immigration Clinics, Hofstra Law’s Clinical Programs include the Youth Advocacy Clinic and its newest program, the Deportation Defense Clinic.

The article was posted on the Newsday website on Sept. 30 with the headline “Deportation Fears Keep Young LI Immigrants From Seeking Help.” A version of the article appears in print on Oct. 1 on Page A20 with the headline “Deportation Fears Keep Dreamers Away.”

Read the full article on the Newsday website.