Prof. Andrew Schepard Moderates Panel on Unbundling as a Way to Close the Justice Gap

Andrew Schepard, Max Schmertz Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Children, Families and the Law

Andrew Schepard, the Sidney and Walter Siben Distinguished Professor of Family Law and director of the Center for Children, Families, and the Law, moderated a panel at a conference on “Better Access through Unbundling: From Ideation to Implementation” sponsored by the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) and the American Bar Association Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services.

The aim of the conference, which was held at the University of Denver from Oct. 26-27, was to gather stakeholders and thought leaders to get develop national policy on unbundled (discrete task) representation as a way of meeting the gap in access to justice in America.

Professor Schepard moderated the panel “Unbundling for the NextGen — From Law Schools to Incubators to Pro Bono.”

View more details about the conference on the University of Denver website.