Prof. James Sample’s Co-Written Story on Roy Moore’s ‘Lawlessness’ Appears on Slate’s Cover

James Sample , Professor of Law

We’ve Always Known Roy Moore Is Lawless
It’s why Alabama Republicans voted for him.
By Dahlia Lithwick and James Sample
Nov. 13, 2017


The fact that there are Moore supporters lining up to alternatively paint these women as cunning partisan liars or to explain away criminal conduct as biblical and benign is indeed one of the most stunning turns in this story. That many Alabama voters have actually redoubled their support as a result of the accusations beggars belief. But the idea that it might be the alleged molesting of multiple teenage girls and women that could prove disqualifying for Moore, rather than his decadeslong contempt for the law, the courts, and the Constitution, tells us how very far we have strayed from our legal moorings at this moment in history.

The article appears on the Slate homepage with the headline “Roy Moore Has Always Been Unfit for the Senate: The sex-crime allegations against him are just the latest examples of his contempt for the law.”

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