Faculty Notes

Prof. Norman Silber Interviewed and Quoted by Yale Daily News About Proposed Tax on Sale and Licensing of Nonprofits’ Names and Logos

Norman I. Silber, Professor of Law

New Plan Softer on Grad School
By Jingyi Cui
Yale Daily News
Nov. 15, 2017


Silber explained that the Senate proposal makes sense in most cases, because the profits that nonprofits reap from licensing their names and logos are not central to their missions. But he cited examples, like the use of pink ribbons to raise awareness of breast cancer, in which such logos do promote the core interests of nonprofits, and suggested a “balancing approach.”

“It’s a little different when you are talking about a university’s logo, like the Bulldogs,” Silber said. “It’s not advancing the educational mission. It’s more like selling the school.”

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