State Advisory Council Co-Chaired by Prof. Theo Liebmann Publishes Advisory Memo on Adverse Immigration Consequences

The Advisory Council on Immigration Issues in Family Court, a state-wide program initiated by the New York State Office of Court Administration and co-chaired by Professor Theo Liebmann, director of Hofstra Law’s Youth Advocacy Clinic, and Judge Ruben Martino, has issued an Advisory Memorandum to provide guidance to New York Family Court practitioners and jurists in understanding possible adverse immigration consequences resulting from dispositions, rulings, findings and orders that are commonly issued in family court matters.

The memorandum includes a detailed “Adverse Consequences Chart” for use by judges and practitioners, and details how immigration authorities obtain access to family court case information and adjudications that can cause adverse immigration consequences for participants in family court matters.

The adverse consequences memo is particularly timely, as federal immigration authorities are increasing their enforcement activities dramatically both in communities and in state courthouses.

Professor Liebmann has already conducted two trainings at statewide Judicial Institutes on the memorandum and what it means for family court practice.

The memo is the third in a series of memoranda, bench aids and other documents prepared by the council to address the variety of immigration issues arising in and as a result of family court proceedings.