Faculty Notes

Prof. Emily Torstveit Ngara Comments on Impact of Immigration Court Backlog in Newsday Story


Immigration Backlog Is Nearly 80,000 Cases for NYC, LI
Experts say the crowded dockets are caused by multiple factors, including migration patterns and aggressive enforcement policies.
By Víctor Manuel Ramos
Jan. 27, 2018

“I have had a lot of clients where waiting for a decision on a case is extremely stressful, particularly clients that have escaped really horrific trauma in their home countries and they are waiting to hear whether they are going to be sent back,” said Emily Torstveit Ngara, director of the Deportation Defense Clinic at Hofstra Law School. “Each case is different, but I think on balance waiting that long for cases ends up being more challenging” for those affected.

Backlogs also mean that some immigrants are held in detention for months, waiting to see a judge, she said.

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