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Scholarly Commons at Hofstra Law Now Boasts More Than 1 Million Full-Text Downloads

As of June 9, Scholarly Commons at Hofstra Law has reached a new milestone: more than 1 million full-text downloads.

Scholarly Commons is the institutional repository of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law. A service of the Hofstra Law Library representing six years of staff and librarian time and effort in service to the Law School, it is designed to capture the intellectual output of Hofstra Law and preserve its institutional history.

The Scholarly Commons free, full-text collection includes faculty scholarship, the full archives of the Hofstra Law Review, the Journal of International Business & Law, and the Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal, archives of the history of the Law School, and documents related to lectures, symposiums and conferences held at Hofstra Law.

Papers have been downloaded by readers around the globe. The top 10 downloaded papers are:

1. “Environmental Concerns in India: Problems and Solutions (PDF),” by Mahesh Chandra
2. “The Five Elements of Negligence (PDF),” by David G. Owen
3. “Theories of Poverty/The Poverty of Theory (PDF),” by Barbara Stark
4. “Professional Responsibility of the Criminal Defense Lawyer: The Three Hardest Questions (PDF),” by Monroe H. Freedman
5. “A Beneficiary as Trust Owner: Decoding Section 678 (PDF),” by Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Mitchell M. Gans and Alvina H. Lo
6. “A Look at the Causes, Impact and Future of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (PDF),” by Scott Green
7. “Abstention: The Unexpected Power of Withholding Your Vote (PDF),” by Grant M. Hayden
8. “Understanding Women’s Responses to Domestic Violence: A Redefinition of Battered Woman Syndrome (PDF),” by Mary Ann Dutton
9. “U.S. Foreign Trade Zones of the United States, Free-Trade Zones of the World, and their Impact on the Economy (PDF),” by Susan Tiefenbrun
10. “Atticus Finch — Right and Wrong (PDF),” by Monroe H. Freedman

Scholarly Commons at Hofstra Law is part of the Digital Commons Network, which brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide.