Prof. Kevin McElroy to Speak at ‘New York CPLR Update 2018’ at Nassau County Bar Association

Kevin McElroy, Professor of Legal Writing

Professor Kevin McElroy is the guest speaker for the program “New York CPLR Update 2018” at the Nassau County Bar Association on Oct. 3 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

The program will focus on recent judicial decisions which have impacted the procedural and substantive law to be followed in New York State courts. The majority of those decisions were issued by state courts, but relatively new U.S. Supreme Court decisions on personal jurisdiction will also be addressed. A smaller number of recently enacted changed in the CPLR and revised court rules will also be covered.

Anthony Michael Sabino, Esq. of Sabino & Sabino, P.C. and assistant dean of the Nassau Academy of Law is the moderator for the program.

This program qualifies for 2 CLE credits in Professional Practice.

To register for the “New York CPLR Update 2018” program, call 516-747-4464. Preregistration is greatly encouraged and much appreciated for headcount purposes.

Nassau County Bar Association members can register online.