Prof. Robin Charlow Quoted in Article on Lawsuit Protesting Substandard Education in Yeshivas

Robin Charlow, Professor of Law

Lawsuit Protesting Special Standards For Jewish Schools Might Get Thrown Out
By Ben Fractenberg
The Forward
July 24, 2018

But a constitutional law expert told the Forward that a judge might throw the suit out, since no parent with children currently in the schools are signed on as plaintiffs.

Law professor Robin Charlow says that even though the not-for-profit [Young Advocates for Fair Education], also known as YAFFED, was founded by a man who went through yeshiva education, the suit could be tossed if they don’t have any plaintiffs or YAFFED members with children currently in the schools.

“They could have a standing problem unless they can somehow personalize the injury and identify a concrete remedy the court could afford them,” said Charlow, who has taught at Hofstra University for 30 years.

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