Prof. James Sample Quoted in ABC News Story on Impeachment Trial of West Virginia Justices

James Sample , Professor of Law

Every justice on the West Virginia Supreme Court is facing impeachment or has resigned. What to know about the unprecedented trial that begins today.
By Emily Ruchalski
ABC News
Sept. 11, 2018

Trouble resurfaced in 2014, when Justice Davis faced scrutiny after an ABC News report revealed that a lawyer with a major case before her raised thousands of dollars for her re-election campaign in 2012. The same lawyer had reportedly bought a Learjet from Davis’ husband in 2011 for more than $1 million. Davis never disclosed the airplane deal, telling ABC News that she was under no obligation because it involved her husband, and not her.

But ethics experts have questioned that assertion.

“This does not look good for the rule of law,” James Sample, an expert on judicial ethics and Professor at Hofstra University Law School, said in the ABC report. “A million-dollar sale of an airplane while litigation involving the lawyer who purchases the airplane is pending before the court? Absolutely no question. It’s proper to disclose, and it is improper to not disclose.”

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