Prof. Eric M. Freedman Quoted on Flawed Death Penalty Appeals Process in Houston Chronicle

Eric M. Freedman, Siggi B. Wilzig Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Rights

Federal Judge Raises Questions of Innocence in Condemned Harris County Cop-Killer
By Keri Blakinger
Houston Chronicle
Oct. 1, 2018

The federal judge would like to consider Will’s “troubling” innocence claims but he can’t because of legal limitations, essentially technicalities. Instead, he can only send the case up to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on the possibility that they greenlight a new appeal — which could ultimately end up back in his court. …

Eric M. Freedman, a Hofstra University law professor, said the case highlights the need for changes in the law.

“The idea that it would be important to reconsider, rethink and recalibrate in order to serve the very appropriate underlying goals of the statue is well illustrated by this particular case,” he said. “The purpose of the statute is to provide a federal level of supervision of basic rights, like the right not to be convicted and executed if you’re an innocent person.”

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