Faculty Notes

Prof. Barbara Stark Speaks at Goetz Exhibition Opening at Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Ctr

Barbara Stark, Professor of Law

Professor Barbara Stark presented at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County (HMTC), in Glen Cove, New York, on Sept. 30 at the opening of the special exhibition “Cecelia Goetz: The Aggressive War Chief of Nuremberg.”

The topic of Professor Stark’s presentation was “Judge Goetz and the Human Rights Legacy of Nuremberg.”

Cecelia Goetz was the only woman to make an opening statement at the Nuremberg Trials, where she won a conviction against Alfried Krupp and others for slave labor and other crimes.

About the Special Exhibition
HMTC was presented with hundreds of personal letters and court documents of Judge Cecelia Goetz in 2016 and began the essential work of preserving this unique collection. Cecelia Goetz was the only American female prosecutor to deliver an opening statement at the Nuremberg Trials, redefining a woman’s role in the courtroom on the international stage. Her detailed correspondence with friends and loved ones reveals daily life during the trials, exposing both the highs and lows of seeking justice in the face of genocide. Her commentary on major figures such as Telford Taylor, the justice system, and even German cuisine give an insightful, humorous, and heartbreaking account of this crucial moment in history. Her dedication to her work earned her the reputation and nickname of Aggressive War Chief among her colleagues. Driven by a deep sense of duty, Judge Goetz fought to bring Nazi criminals to justice.

HMTC is proud to present this unique collection for the first time to the public. The collection has inspired a groundbreaking exhibition examining the life and work of this extraordinary woman. This exhibition asks visitors to challenge what they know about the Nuremberg Trials and question the roles prescribed to women during the mid-20th century. Her life serves as a potent example of dedication, conviction and grit as she battled to become an extraordinary figure in her field. Yet, her story has remained untold. Until now.