Prof. Barbara Barron Quoted in New York Times on Dismissed Charge in Harvey Weinstein Case

Barbara S. Barron, Professor of Skills, Director of the Trial Techniques Program, Director of Student Advocacy Programs and Faculty Advisor to Moot Court Board

Is the Case Against Harvey Weinstein in Jeopardy?
By Jan Ransom
The New York Times
Oct. 29, 2018

In theory, the dismissed charge should not hurt the prosecution’s chances at trial, some experienced trial lawyers said. Five counts remain. “The other cases and witnesses exist unto themselves,” said Evan Krutoy, a former Manhattan prosecutor who now focuses on internal sexual harassment investigations for companies. “At trial, a reasonable, fair juror will independently assess those complainants.”

But Barbara S. Barron, a former prosecutor who teaches law at Hofstra University, said that the defense can use the judge’s decision regarding Ms. Evans to cast doubt on the entire case, not just at trial, but also in the battle for public opinion.

“To have this, post indictment, is a horror,” she said.

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