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Hofstra Law Hosts Legal Tech Boot Camp

Hofstra Law hosted its first Legal Tech Boot Camp on Oct. 6 at the Law School. This single-day educational and networking experience focused on the role of technology in the practice of law and the professional opportunities available to those with the skills and interest to engage with legal tech.

“I am so pleased with the inaugural Legal Tech Boot Camp,” says Professor Courtney Selby, who is also associate dean for information services and director of the law library. “Our students explored a wide array of professional opportunities and met a number of successful professionals working in legal technology. They also left with avenues for continued exploration and development.”

The inaugural event was designed for current Hofstra Law students and a select group of alumni facilitators, with the goal of examining the increasing role of technology in the practice of law and the types of technology used in practice, as well as understanding and identifying the skills participants should develop to prepare for current and future legal practice. Panel topics included:

• Analytics and E-Discovery

• Applied Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence:
How Machines Learn to “Read” the Law

• Blockchain and Its Implications for Legal Practice

• Data Security and the Internet of Things

• Law, Technology and Access to Justice

• Tech Fluency and the Legal Tech Landscape

The Legal Tech Boot Camp is part of a larger initiative at Hofstra Law to provide both curricular and extracurricular opportunities for students to develop expertise in the area of legal technology.

“We have given the participants a way to expand their professional horizons, and with that will come greater opportunities for success,” Selby says. “I look forward to extending this offering to our alumni and members of the bench and bar next year so they can also benefit from the experience.”

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