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Hofstra Law Report, Spring 2015

Spotlight: Technology and the Practice of Law

Law, Logic & Technology (LLT) Research Lab
Group Photo from the Legal Tech Conference
Photo of a Circuit Board

Life at Hofstra Law: Student Perspectives

At Hofstra Law, the law is not just something to be studied — it is to be lived. The students highlighted in this section are shining examples of this philosophy. They are exploring diverse career paths and using their classroom knowledge to make an impact in their field — showing that with a Hofstra Law education, everything is possible.

Gregory DeSantis 3L
Gianna N. McArthur 3L
Brian Vasquez 2L
Tori Roseman 2L
Ryan Torino 3L

Making a Difference: Clinic News

Photo of a protest sign.
Photo od miltary getting off of an airplane.

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