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Tori Roseman 2L Helps Individuals Receive Unemployment Benefits

Photo of Hofstra Law student Tori Roseman, Class of 2020

I’ve always prided myself in taking the path less traveled in my extracurricular activities. When I first heard about what the Unemployment Action Center accomplishes, I was excited to take on real clients and make an impact in the lives of those who need it most.

After I attended one of the training sessions, I quickly jumped into advocacy and took on three clients in my first semester. I had a wonderful and successful experience interviewing the clients, then using my newfound legal knowledge to defend them against their employer in front of an administrative law judge. I was able to practice both my research and litigation skills in order to help my clients receive unemployment benefits.

The Unemployment Action Center’s regional office is based in New York City, so I have been able to work in an even larger network of advocates, both experienced and inexperienced, with the same goal — helping those who cannot help themselves. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience hands-on lawyering and look forward to taking on more cases throughout my time at Hofstra Law.

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