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Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University Takes Over Wilbur F. Breslin Center for Real Estate Studies

Hofstra Law logo and the name of the Wilbur F. Breslin Center for Real Estate Studies on a blue blackground superimposed on a photo of several high-rise buildings

New Real Estate Programs to Address Complex Changing LI Market

The Wilbur F. Breslin Center for Real Estate Studies will become part of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University to respond to the need for more attorneys with the skills and training to navigate the challenging and changing real estate market.

The move will allow the Breslin Center to expand its programs for Hofstra’s students and members of the real estate industry, focusing on land use, zoning and finances, which are key to addressing such major issues on Long Island as the revitalization of many downtown areas, and senior housing. Hofstra Law Professor Ashira Ostrow has been named executive director of the center. She is also the Peter S. Kalikow Distinguished Professor of Real Estate.

Named for one of Long Island’s leading real estate developers, the Breslin Center was established by Hofstra University in 2007. It provides real estate professionals, municipal officials, developers and the public with information, education and scholarly analysis about the complex issues facing the real estate field.

“Wilbur Breslin is one of the preeminent leaders in the real estate industry on Long Island, dedicating his life and career to improving the community,” said Hofstra University President Stuart Rabinowitz. “He has played an active role in many significant initiatives at Hofstra University over the years, serving as a trustee and trustee emeritus. As the Breslin Center embarks on this new chapter, we are grateful for Mr. Breslin’s time, energy and commitment to making Hofstra a world-class university and Long Island a great place to live, work and study.”

In collaboration with the Long Island Real Estate Group, the Breslin Center is planning two new programs: a Pathways to Real Estate Practice panel for Hofstra Law students and an Introduction to Real Estate Practice course. The course will focus on the interrelationship between municipal real estate law and the Long Island development community and will help students understand the balance between the positive economic impacts of real estate development and the desire to preserve neighborhood quality of life.

“With the dedicated resources of our Law School, and our partnership with the business school, the Breslin Center is now uniquely positioned to be a leading educational hub for our students and the Long Island real estate community,” said Judge Gail Prudenti, dean of Hofstra Law. “We will continue to explore additional partnerships with Hofstra’s business school and engineering school as well as with local real estate organizations to meet the interdisciplinary demands of the industry.”

Five events are planned for the year at the Breslin Center. They include an annual conference with the Zarb School of Business on real estate investment opportunities, and an annual Land Use Training Program for municipal planning and zoning officials.

“Our goal is to develop new courses that combine classroom and practical, real-world experience,” said Professor Ostrow. The courses will focus on land use, finances, working with municipalities and quasi-governmental agencies, and other issues.

Special Program Featuring Wilbur Breslin on January 24

The Maurice A. Deane School of Law will celebrate the relaunch of the Breslin Center from 4-6 p.m. on January 24 with a program featuring a conversation between Mr. Breslin and Judge Prudenti. It will be followed by a Q&A session with law students, alumni and members of the real estate community, and a cocktail reception.