Faculty Notes

Prof. Michael Haber’s Co-Written Article Published in Hofstra Law Review

Michael Haber, Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Attorney-in-Charge, Community and Economic Development Clinic

The article “Movement Lawyering Ethics Symposium, Case Study 4: Lawyer for a Coalition of Organizations with an Informal Leader” by Associate Clinical Professor Michael Haber, attorney-in-charge of the Community and Economic Development Clinic, and Scott L. Cummings was published in the Hofstra Law Review Movement Lawyering Ethics Roundtable Symposium (Vol. 47, Issue 1, Fall 2018).

This symposium presents case studies of the often difficult ethical and tactical issues confronted by lawyers for social justice movements. These case studies were developed by the pairing of movement lawyers with legal ethicists and enriched by the discussions at the Movement Lawyering Ethics Roundtable. They seek to provide guidance to lawyers facing these recurrent issues. This issue also includes an essay entitled rebuilding the Ethical Compass of the Law and reading guides with selected bibliographies.

Read the full article (PDF) on the Hofstra Law Review website.