Faculty Notes

Prof. Ronald Colombo Quoted in Law360 Story on SEC and Unapproved Elon Musk Tesla Tweet

Ronald J. Colombo, Professor of Law

Tweets Unlikely to Spell Musk’s Removal as Tesla CEO
By Alison Noon
Feb. 26

The SEC could ask the judge to ban Musk from Twitter for a period of time. That could raise novel First Amendment issues, said [Ronald] Colombo, securities professor at Hofstra University’s Maurice A. Deane School of Law. Free speech arguments have gained little traction against contempt remedies to date, he said, because the orders are not ordinarily challenged. But Musk’s is no ordinary case.

“You ordinarily accept what they give you because you don’t want something worse, unless it’s the worst thing in the world,” Colombo said. “To cool his jets on Twitter shouldn’t be the end of the world for him, but maybe it is.”

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