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Hofstra Law Class of 2019 Contributes Over 71,000 Hours of Pro Bono Service

Infographic about the pro bono service of the students in the Class of 2019 during their three years at Hofstra Law

The members of the recently graduated Class of 2019 demonstrated a deep commitment to pro bono work during their three years at Hofstra Law, collectively contributing 71,090 hours of service, or an average of 334 hours of service per student.

Of the 213 J.D. degree candidates, 55 percent engaged in pro bono work, and nearly all of these 116 students qualified for a Public Service Award, with 18 students serving over 250 hours (bronze award), 11 students over 500 hours (silver) and 83 students over 750 hours (gold).

The five students who contributed the most pro bono hours were Andielynn Walters, 2,048 hours; Elyse Sheehan, 1,772 hours; Andre Johnson, 1,483 hours; Fatima Mustafa, 1,367 hours; and Miguel Lozada, 1,335 hours.

Hofstra Law students’ pro bono work consisted of public service, performed under the supervision of a licensed attorney or faculty member, with:

• Nonprofit organizations — including Hofstra Law clinical programs — that provide legal representation to individuals or groups who are underserved, underrepresented or of limited means

• Municipal, state or federal government agencies, legislative bodies or court systems

• Attorneys providing legal services free of charge or at a significantly reduced cost

Hofstra Law student groups that advocate on behalf of clients or provide legal education

The Public Service Awards were presented to students at a special ceremony held at the Law School at 11 a.m. on May 20, the day of Commencement.

Public Service Award Recipients | Class of 2019


Brittany Bourne
Richard Cherpak
Benjamin Danieli
Admir Deljanin
Chantol Edwards
Jakarah Everett
Elan Ginzberg
Misaury Jaquez
Christopher John
Michael Licatesi
James Maguire
Genesses Mena
Christopher Merone
Veronica Pareja
Bryan Robinson
Lucas Rock
Ashleigh Rousseau
Alexander Tait


Gulbeyaz Arslan
Mary Benton
Brett Cooper
Madjeen Garcon
Bari Lebowitz
Yaroslav Mankevych
Conner Martin
Gianna McArthur
Kapeishe Merritt
Elizabeth Rizzo
Samantha Shahzaman


Laura Adame
Erica Alter
Serena Altes
Mahenoor Baig
Mehrin Bakht
Siobhan Barry
Cooper Binsky
Kelly Bogart
Melissa Bohl
Marco Branco
Pamela Bratton
Katherine Byrnes
Vanessa Caballero
Sean Carberry
Allison Castel
Brendan Catalano
Anique Cato
Rebecca Chan
Grace Cho
Danielle Corbisiero
Alexandra Davidson
Gregory DeSantis
Sean Di Luccio
Zarifah Dixon
Briana Enck
Giuseppe Finelli
Shaylin French
Jacqueline Gallagher
Francesca Gaspari
Morgan Gieser
Alexandra Gioiella
Destiny Holliday
Joan Howell
Sadie Hyppolite
Radha Inguva
Andre Johnson
Julia Johnson
Jaclyn Kaplan
Kuljit Kaur
Kimberly Khan
Manaal Khokhar
Krystlen Lata
Danielle Leavy
Amanda Lilla
Marysa Linares
Louise Lingat
Miguel Lozada
Shadazaih Lucas
Gabriella Malfi
Michelle Martinez
Christopher Milazzo
Lillian Mosley
Matthew Murray
Fatima Mustafa
Kiran Mykoo
Sasha Navarrete
Matthew Nevola
Hamala Niranjan
Domenick Pesce
Shayla Ramos
Jeffrey Rosenheck
Lior Roth
Alexandra Russell
Jeetan Sareen
Montana Scholz
Vincent Scotti
Elyse Sheehan
Lauren Shevit
Zachary Sider
Michael Small
Rebecca Stein
Levi Stewart
Kayley Sullivan
Liza Trazzera
Eric Vargas
Gisselle Vega
Jennifer Waite
Phillip Waknin
Andielynn Walters
Kimberly Wilkens
Alecia Woodard
John Zepka
Anna Zhou

Pro Bono Scholars

Brett Cooper
Destiny Holliday
Joan Howell
Sadie Hyppolite
Radha Inguva
Krystlen Lata
Marysa Linares
Hamala Niranjan
Elyse Sheehan