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Law360 Highlights Hofstra Law’s 2019 Commencement Speaker, Hon. Loretta Lynch

Photo of Hon. Loretta Lynch, former U.S. attorney general, delivering the commencement address at the 2019 Maurice A. Deane School of law graduation ceremony on May 20

A Law360 article, published on May 31, highlights Maurice A. Deane School of Law commencement speaker the Honorable Loretta Lynch as one of five “all-stars” who addressed law school graduating classes across the country this spring.

The article notes that in Lynch’s address to the Hofstra Law graduates the former U.S. attorney general “underscored the need for lawyers to create their own paths — even if that means breaking from others’ guidance.”

Lynch, Pai And Other All-Stars On What Grads Need To Know
By Michele Gorman
May 31, 2019

… 2019 law school commencement speakers haven’t hesitated to commend diversity and urge their future legal colleagues to embrace new opportunities amid what many referred to as challenging times. …

Lynch told the Hofstra University School of Law graduates they’re not alone in trying to find their specialties.

“I am here to tell you that you don’t have to know right now exactly what it is that you want to do. All you have to know is what kind of person you want to be,” she said on May 20. …

… she used the anecdote to leave [those] whom she called her soon-to-be colleagues with a final thought: “It’s not the title that you hold, but the people that you touch that will make the greatest difference, not just in the world but in your own life.”

Read the full article on the Law360 website.

Watch the Honorable Loretta Lynch deliver the commencement address on Livestream. (The address starts at about 46:35 into the video.)

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