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Hofstra Law Pro Bono Scholar Sadie Hyppolite ’19 Discusses Working at African Services Committee

Photo of Hofstra Law Alumna Sadie Hyppolite '19, who worked at African Services Committee as Pro Bono Scholar during her final semester of law school

During her time at Hofstra Law, Sadie Hyppolite ’19 took advantage of opportunities to gain practical experience in the field of immigration law, including the Immigration Clinical Practicum and the Deportation Defense Clinic. In her last year of law school, she qualified for the Pro Bono Scholars Program and chose to work at African Services Committee providing pro bono legal assistance.

On the Pro Bono Scholar program: This past semester I had the pleasure of working at African Services Committee in Harlem as a Pro Bono Scholar, a program established by former Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman that allows students in their final year of law school to devote their last semester to pro bono service under the supervision of an attorney. As an additional benefit, Pro Bono Scholars are permitted to take the bar exam in February of their final year, and I am thrilled to have passed the bar and am awaiting admission.

Working with my clients: African Services Committee serves a wide range of clients who seek assistance with immigration, housing and family law matters. The majority of clients I worked with were seeking help with an immigration matter, with many seeking asylum as victims of violence. I worked with people from all walks of life and from many countries in Africa.

Takeaways from my experience at ACS: My time at ASC was priceless. Working with attorneys that care about their clients and fight to ensure their clients get the best representation possible was nothing short of inspiring. As a Pro Bono Scholar I was given my own docket of cases where I was able to represent my clients under the supervision of an attorney. This semester taught me that I have what it takes to be an attorney, and I cannot wait to continue this important work.