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Prof. Julian Ku’s Comments About South China Sea Map Mentioned in Quartz Story

Julian Ku, Maurice A. Deane Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law, Faculty Director of International Programs

China’s controversial South China Sea map is entering pop culture thanks to US companies
By Mary Hui
Oct. 14, 2019

As US companies navigate an increasingly globalized pop culture landscape, questions of how to deal with—or carefully skirt—competing territorial claims will come up with growing frequency. All the while, China is throwing its full force behind spreading its nationalist message beyond its borders through a combination of propaganda and, it appears, business partnerships.

“Because people and companies outside of China don’t know or care much about disputes like the nine-dash line, they find themselves adopting these nationalist propaganda positions without knowing much about them,” said Julian Ku, a professor at the law school of Hofstra University in New York, adding that the two instances of the map’s use likely reflect “a combination of Western companies being ignorant and apathetic about these territorial issues.”

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