Faculty Notes

Prof. Julian Ku Quoted in BBC News, The Quartz, Axios and Voice of America on China-Related Matters

Julian Ku, Maurice A. Deane Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law, Faculty Director of International Programs

In recent weeks Julian Ku, the Maurice A. Deane Distinguished Professor of Constitutional Law, has been quoted in the media on such China-related matters as U.S.-Taiwan relations, Hong Kong’s Mask Law, and the blocking of Twitter accounts by international organizations.

Voice of America (Chinese Edition), January 28: Professor Ku’s Twitter posts on the legal rights of an international organization to block Twitter followers is quoted in Voice of America.

Axios, January 27: “UN aviation agency blocks critics of Taiwan policy on Twitter“: Professor Ku commented on the The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) blocking numerous Twitter accounts.

BBC News (Chinese Edition), January 13: Professor Ku is quoted in a story about the implications of Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Weng’s reelection on U.S.-Taiwan relations.

The Quartz, November 18 “China is threatening to hobble Hong Kong’s courts because it didn’t like a ruling“: Professor Ku is quoted about a recent statement from the NPCSC about the ruling in the Hong Kong courts, and whether or not this will trigger a legal confrontation between the courts and the NPC.