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Prof. Linda Galler Quoted in Law360 Article on Microsoft Ruling

Linda Galler, Professor of Law

Microsoft Ruling Highlights Need to Document Biz Decisions
By Natalie Olivo
Law 360
January 30, 2020

A Washington federal judge recently took a broad interpretation of what constitutes a tax shelter when ordering Microsoft to turn over documents to the Internal Revenue Service — a decision that companies shouldn’t ignore during their own correspondence with practitioners.

The judge based his definition of a tax shelter on Internal Revenue Code Section 6662 , which describes such arrangements as having “a significant purpose” of tax avoidance or evasion. But such a literal reading of the statute could cover routine tax advice, according to Linda Galler, a professor at the Hofstra University Maurice A. Deane School of Law.

“When you talk about routine advice that a tax professional gives a client, the mere fact that there is a significant tax issue — putting statutory language aside — in my mind doesn’t mean that we’re talking about a tax shelter,” she said.

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