Prof. Ronald Colombo Publishes Article on Religious Freedoms in NY Law Journal

Ronald J. Colombo, Professor of Law

The article “Little Sisters of the Poor and Religious Accommodations,” authored by Ronald Colombo, has been published online in the New York Law Journal.


“America was famously settled, in part, by pilgrims fleeing the religious persecution of their native lands.  The pilgrims helped forge a nation unique in its protection of religious freedom and individual conscience.  Indeed, America’s example of religious liberty has been widely acknowledged as one of its greatest contributions to civilization.

Times have apparently changed.  One tell-tale sign of that is the effort of certain states to impose upon the Little Sisters of the Poor a legal obligation to violate their deeply held religious beliefs.  This despite instructions from a unanimous Supreme Court that said obligation be lifted, and administrative action on the part of the federal government taken pursuant to such instructions.  In other words, the Little Sisters are no longer suing for relief from a law infringing upon their free exercise of religion; rather, certain states are suing to reimpose this infringement after relief has already been granted.”

The full article can be view online.