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Judge Gail Prudenti Quoted in Long Island Business News on ‘Justice Gap’ Brought on by the Pandemic

Official photo of Judge Gail Prudenti, Dean of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University in her office

The ‘Justice Gap’
By Adina Genn
Long Island Business News
Apr. 24, 2020


In a pandemic, legal problems don’t go away. Worse, they can exacerbate situations that require legal remedying. “The need is incredible — there’s a great justice gap,” said Judge Gail Prudenti, the dean of Hofstra Law.

Barely a month into the “New York Pause,” and the legal system, for now, is moving at a crawl. Prudenti calls it a “legal pandemic.”  For some — those struggling with domestic abuse, or lacking resources to ascertain their legal rights in a crisis — it’s dire.

People are “waiting for justice,” said Prudenti, drawing from her decades on the bench as a trial jurist, appellate justice and New York State chief administrative judge, and before that, an assistant district attorney and a practicing lawyer.

There are those “waiting years for an award that will only get delayed,” she said. “There are new businesses that are not starting. Bar exams are delayed. Hiring is delayed. Law firms are struggling. Trials are delayed.”

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