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Hofstra Law Student Vanessa Giunta Provides Remote Pro Bono Research on COVID-19 Related Projects

Hofstra Law student Vanessa Giunta discusses her remote work on projects related to COVID-19 for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC):

I’m a rising 2L interested in health law. Currently, I am providing remote pro bono research support to the Southern Poverty Law Center on COVID-19 related projects involving resource inequities, funding, and policies in Florida schools ­⁠— some of which affect the health and well-being of current students during this difficult time. Depending on future projects related to this research, I may be able to continue providing support to SPLC on these issues into the summer.

I am humbled to share my experience because there are so many people out there doing such amazing work, putting together effective ideas, and contributing their talents in this chaos.

Through this project I’ve learned that the consequences of COVID-19 have exacerbated and highlighted existing inequities for people on multiple levels. Researching the different responses to this crisis allows us to better understand these problems and supports legal advocacy efforts.

I’ve been able to connect with some brilliant people who really care about these issues, and the work has reaffirmed my belief that the efforts of lawyers and law students to help and inspire change has never been more important.