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Prof. Baruch Bush Wins Assoc. for Conflict Resolution Achievement Award

Robert A. Baruch Bush, Harry H. Rains Distinguished Professor of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Settlement Law

Professor Robert A. Baruch Bush, is the recipient of the Association for Conflict Resolution-Greater New York Chapter’s 2020 Achievement Award. 

“Baruch Bush is the Rains Distinguished Professor of Alternative Dispute Resolution at Hofstra University School of Law and Founding Fellow and Past President of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation, a nonprofit think-tank that studies and promotes the understanding of conflict processes and intervention from the transformative framework. Through his groundbreaking book “The Promise of Mediation”, co-authored by Joseph Folger, Professor Bush helped establish the practice of transformative mediation, and has served as an ADR advocate and educator for over three decades. We celebrate his leadership in transformative mediation, ADR scholarship, and the creation of REDRESS, the USPS national mediation program.”

Read more about the award on the Association for Conflict Resolution website.